Quicktip : Social Network Account Synchronization

This article deals with a rather small but important aspect of your digital business and online marketing – Social Network Account & Account Name Synchronization.  First we will cover the actual username synchronization and then head over to the functional interconnection of your accounts.

Account Names

Where do you get started? We recommend with an official “.com” domain. You can order your own domain through a domain registrar like GoDaddy, BlueHost, Rapidgator or any other company (Google might help you here as well).

MAIN domain

Website • www.yourname.com

The main domain should be your artist name, company, label, etc. – on this website the visitor needs to find links to all your other network profiles as well. Generally we recommend ‘.com’ domains – in case you have a larger budget available you should make sure to also buy ‘.net’ , ‘.biz’, etc. domains. You can then forward them to your main ‘.com’ domain


NETWORK domains

Twitter • twitter.com/yourname
Facebook • facebook.com/yourname
Youtube • youtube.com/yourname
Instagram • instagram.com/yourname

Make sure you have a universal username for all networks. Interested visitors, potential clients and labels often just retype the network URL and try the same username to quickly browse your accounts (if they are not coming from your website already). Risking a 404 (bad link) here can result in closing the tab and missing the follow, like, play or contact in general. You may bring up that real interested visitors will take a minute to google your Twitter, Facebook, etc. – but to be honest well structured sites and profile setups make a good impression and simplify to connect with you. In addition Google and other search engines will display your networks in a clean listing when setup properly.

How not to name / Not Recommended:

Twitter • twitter.com/da_greatest808
Facebook • facebook.com/yourname8
Youtube • youtube.com/beatmakerbeats
Instagram • instagram.com/max_mustermann

Above you can see a not so good example for network account setups – different usernames from account to account and random complicated setups.

But what to do when your artist name is already taken and not available? Very simple – stick to a universal username but make sure at least the social network accounts have a consistent name. You can for example extend the name with a ‘the’, ‘official’, etc. – not recommended are numbers or other unrelated characters that are hard to remember. Make sure to also contact the current users of your artist names and politely ask for consideration of changing their names – you might get lucky.

Synching Accounts

Especially with an increasing number of different networks maintaining your social media accounts can be a time intensive engagement. A great solution to simplify your posting and updating processes is to synchronize your accounts with each other. This means you can make a single post in ‘Network A’ and your accounts from ‘Network B’ and ‘Network C’ will automatically pull the new post/activity from ‘Network A’ and reflect the update. Newer Apps and functionalities also make it possible to exclude certain networks for single posts so you always have full control over your output.

To help you with the Synchronization setups we have gathered some links for you:

Facebook to Twitter

Twitter to Facebook

Instagram to Facebook, Twitter, etc. • Instagram has a direct share functionality when making a post ´

Do you agree or disagree with this Quick Tip? Do you have additional ideas or tips we should add to the article? Please let us know in the comments!

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