Convex & Flat


In the course of the #tripictfacelift campaign we are proud to present our two new Layout styles which represent a more modern and distinguished Design.

Convex & Flat


Convex [adjective kon-veks]

having a surface that is curved or rounded outward.
Compare concave (def 1).


Flat [adjective flat]

having a generally level shape or appearance; not deep or thick


While the Convex Layout style remains to be more like a “classic” tripict layout with frame and 3d/shadow Elements, the Flat Layout style will be different in terms of a cleaner and more straight design without shades, reflections. Both Styles come with a fresh structure and content build-up but different characteristics in materials, hover effects and animation.

We start the #tripictfacelift for our Layout line with Layout #0035 – check out the new Designs and let us know what you think!


Kind regards,

– Maximilian

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