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tripict Websites 2.0 • Fully Responsive

Project #tripictfacelift is proceeding with the new wave of Updates. Today we present the all new tripict Websites 2.0. From all new and fresh redesigned HD Video Animations which come with each Website package we have reworked the whole core structure for a 100% mobile compatibility based on the WordPress Content Management System core. To check […]

Convex & Flat

In the course of the #tripictfacelift campaign we are proud to present our two new Layout styles which represent a more modern and distinguished Design. Convex & Flat   Convex [adjective kon-veks] having a surface that is curved or rounded outward. Compare concave (def 1).   Flat [adjective flat] having a generally level shape or appearance; not […]

#0035 Audio Visualizer v2.0

We are starting our project #tripictfacelift with Layout #0035 and present to you the v2.0 Audio Visualizer with the all new HD main Animation and updated overall content setups. The Template and Service packages are now available via our Audio Visualizer page. Make sure to follow us on Instagram for upcoming Specials & Deals for our […]

90 Degrees for Change!

It’s time for a change. Time to turn our Logo 90°…   …and of course time to start refreshing our catalog with Facelifts, new Layouts and Products! We are starting today with the release of the new tripict.com Logo. Stay tuned as we will release a new facelifted Layout this Weekend. A special deal for our Instagram […]

New Layout #0008

Our new layout has been a long time coming AGAIN and we are proud to finally release it for you. Your Visitors will have a smooth browsing experience using the permanent navigation and guided by the clear color accents. This Layout includes the ‘Initials’ Circular Logo (‘YN’ in the sample design) which helps your branding. […]

tripict 3.0 – New Website

It took some time but we finally launched our new website – version 3.0 brings a new overall design and shopping structure to make it easier to combine and browse our products and designs. Make sure to check back shortly for new layouts and a major announcement for 2015. Best regards, Maximilian Maximilian Media Group […]

New Layout #0006

Our new layout has been a long time coming and we are proud to finally release it for you. Our goal was to create a contrastful and corporate layout structure with a mix of a clean studio feel and the ‘power of music‘ breaking out of the ordinary routines. With the new horizontal PayPal checkout […]

Claim Your Deal!

First off we want to wish you a Happy New Year 2014! Of course we have to thank you in the same post for the previous year which was simply: AMAZING! We don’t plan anything else but to channel all our efforts and energy into making tripict.com even better in the upcoming 365 days! Our […]

Quicktip : Social Network Account Synchronization

This article deals with a rather small but important aspect of your digital business and online marketing – Social Network Account & Account Name Synchronization.  First we will cover the actual username synchronization and then head over to the functional interconnection of your accounts. Account Names Where do you get started? We recommend with an […]

New Layout #0005

If this layout would have a project name it would probably be ‘PARADOX‘. The newest addition to our layout catalog combines abstract design with a clean and functional content setup. Opposing the ‘Chaos’ in the header (animation) your Clients won’t have a problem to navigate your site, socializing with you or purchasing your music after […]