New layout #0039

This one is probably overdue with 6 months into 2013 • our newest layout #0039 with a very clean business structure, corporate design and flare of studio feel. Make sure to check it out in our Catalog here.

New Layout #0038

Happy New Year!

2013 brings a new layout, new deal of the month and vote & win special! The winner of our last year’s vote was ‘Maybach’ theme, which will be released in february!

Until then we wish you health, much success and an amazing 2013!

Why tripict?

We will be using this blog to not only post news and updates – we also want to give you insights, instructions and write helpful articles in terms of what is important in todays world of an artist operating online. We will be taking you from creating optimized PayPal buttons to optimizing your overall appearance including layouts, sales and marketing. With our special position outside the production business, operating with top level producers directly within it, we are able to provide high quality, innovative and evaluated knowledge.

Why tripict? has been online for around 3 years – initially launching with 20 layouts for Rappers/Singers on Myspace. We were looking for a concept to sell template work on base of a ‘lease’ for artists; low prices and high quality. The fact that the layouts were still flexible and to be customized with photos and artist details were essential for the project’s concept. So we made our way from Myspace over to Soundclick once 3.0 (Myspace) was launched and were overwhelmed by orders and responses. a3layouts was and still stands for – operating as tripict – the three A’s: All – Access – Artists. Put them together how you like.

The decision to switch over to tripict was made early 2012 as a3layouts was at first planned as mdepict’s ‘little brother’, but took over heavily 2011. We wanted to directly connect both companies and at the end of the day it comes down to the fact that a3 is distributing mdepict layouts. tripict preserves the a3 philosophy and will do so by providing high quality graphics for upcoming artists at a low price.

Kind regards,

– Maximilian Viktor

Welcome to

Formerly known as a3layouts – tripict is looking to deliver a more diversified product palette, better support and of course the same quality of graphics a3layouts provided. The overall website is still a bit under construction so in case you spot a bug please don’t hesitate to drop us a notification – thank you!

More news to follow. You can already like us and follow us.