Does the Facebook layout work with any content?

Yes – the core coding is pure HTML/CSS which gives us the opportunity to integrate basically any content (Flashstores, Widgets, etc.). Unlike Soundclick we can also integrate script coding and fan gates.

How and which App do I have to install for the Facebook layout?

Login to your Facebook account. Install the Woobox HTML plugin:

1. Install Page tab
2. Choose your page where you want the design and app to be installed at
3. Success. HTML/iframe App installed

Further instructions including your Facebook page material and link to the design are included in the of your Turnup email.

Does the Layout work with the new Fan pages?

Yes – our Facebook layouts are optimized for the 810px wide new fan pages.

Can I make the Layout my landing page on Facebook?

As of now Facebook does not allow to determine the landing page of your fan page anymore. You will have to label the page with an icon to be accessible via the front fan page.

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