Do I need a Soundclick VIP Account?

In order do customize your actual Soundclick Artist page a VIP account is required. As of now Soundclick does not allow customization of free band accounts.

I don’t have a Soundclick VIP Account

In case you don’t have or do not want to get a Soundclick VIP account we can also set up the layout as single page HTML website. We implement your Soundclick music player and upload the files to our (optionally yours) servers. You will receive all layout files and an URL to the HTML website setup.

Do I have to send you my Soundclick Login information?

You do not have to – but it is recommended. Your layout consists of a multi-step setup and installation process including CSS, HTML and page layout installation. It takes us around 10 minutes to set everything up within your Soundclick account. Self installation is only recommended for Users with advanced CSS/HTML coding knowledge. To ensure the highest grade of security we keep you updated on every step we make. Once we login to your account you receive an email with a ‘Login notification’ containing our IP. Please compare this IP with the one you will get via email from Soundclick. You will receive the ‘Login notification’ email from us within 30-60 seconds after login. In case you do not get a ‘Login Notification’ email from us after a notification of Soundclick please restrict the login and account access immediately.

When do I send over my Soundclick Login information?

Please send over your Login information for Soundclick via email only. Do not post or submit it via any forms, comment or other functionality on our site.

Do you also need my other Accounts Login information?

If not further specified we do not need any other account login information. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Myspace layouts come with a detailed instruction for setup. We will never ask your PayPal login information – do not give out your PayPal login information at any time.

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