Quick, easy and fun to use. In addition to that a chance to stay connected and without a doubt an important marketing tool. 160 characters that can mean the world, or at least a new connection or a sale – and with our optimized Twitter layouts you can take your appearance to the next Level.


Our Twitter Layouts and graphic packages consist of two graphics which cover the main full width header design and a default photo avatar. On your header we place your email, social network links and domain so you are not limited to the standard Twitter links.

In terms of customization Twitter doesn’t leave too much room for functionality – basically none. But with the header picture upload we can at least let your followers – or soon to be followers – know who you are, what you do and deliver an universal image in combination with your other network layouts.

easy setup

1. Receive your Layout files as download link

2. Login to your Twitter Account

3. Follow the setup instructions in the help files

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