The worlds biggest and most active video platform – this should be reason enough to have an account in your social network repertoire. Instead of ‘Followers’ and ‘Likes’ we have ‘Subscribers’. Subscribers visit your Channel – your Channel is your Youtube homepage. How can we optimize it? With Youtube Layouts of course. Deliver a universal look and brand your account with a matching design.


Our Youtube layouts are fully optimized for the recently updated Youtube Channel structure. We can display your artist name, social network links and the overall design.

In terms of customization Youtube doesn’t leave too much room for functionality – basically none. But with the background picture upload we can at least let your subscribers – or soon to be subscribers – know who you are, what you do and deliver an universal image in combination with your other network layouts.

easy setup

1. Receive your Layout file as download link

2. Login to your Youtube Account

3. Follow the setup instructions in the help files

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