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Can I add my Logo?

One of our frequently asked questions: Can I add my own Logo to your Layouts?

Very simple answer: Yes we can! Just make sure to submit your Logo in one of the following Formats

• transparent .PNG

• path vector .AI/.EPS

• layered source .PSD

Either one of those formats above will help to make the implementation process of your Logo/Brand easier. With the traced vector formats we can also implement your Logo into our Animation processes, create 3d structures and versions. When you order your Layout via our Website and provide the Logo in one of the proper formats above the implementation is 100% free and included in the Layout/Bundle price.

I don't have my Logo on those formats, what now?

No reason to lose hope! We offer multiple stages of so called Brand/Logo Redesign and Redevelopment. Meaning we can redesign your Logo 1:1 (or of course with adjustments, clean ups, etc. as well) in the industry standard and high quality formats above. Depending on the complexity and amount of work we can calculate an individual quote for your project. The best thing: you will be able to use your refreshed Brand and its files for any other project in the future.

Are you serious?!

All questions answered and thinking about finally bringing your Brand to the next Level? Feel free to contact us for a free and non-binding brainstorming session.

Until then, stay safe and healthy!