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You do Cover Artwork?

One of our frequently asked questions: Do you create custom and exclusive Cover Artworks?

Very simple answer: Yes we do! Our head designers from mdepict are deeply involved in the international music business with over 12 years experience; creating independent and major music release campaigns with Covers, Marketing and Video Materials.

• digital/print Cover Artwork

• fully optimized for streaming platforms

• development as Cover Animation possible

Over they years we have worked with hundreds of artists on thousands of projects – including Cover Artwork projects. While the concepts can be different our approach is usually the same: how do you visualize the perfect Artwork for your piece of music?

It's hard to explain...

In detailed brainstorming and listening sessions we frame the overall direction of the Artwork and get a feel for the core of your music; what you want to transport, your message, your feelings and your attitude. We can work with photo materials, abstract Art elements, Text-only Artwork, the possibilities are endless!

Are you serious?!

All questions answered and thinking about finally bringing your Brand to the next Level? Feel free to contact us for a free and non-binding brainstorming session.

Until then, stay safe and healthy!