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New Layout #0045 NEON

One of our most popular Beatstars Layouts: #0045 NEON is now available as complete tripict Bundle including Website, HD Motion Graphics, Social Media and Print Bundles.


In addition we redesigned the Layout and fully 3D animated the Artist Name with After Effects – this gives the overall design more depth and a reflective and realistic look. Every single letter is now displaying as individual Neon Bulb, making it possible to move the Camera towards and in between the letters without losing depth of the design.

HD Motion Graphics

We kept it simple with the Loop and complex with the Fade in of the Animation – available as HD Animation, HD Loop and HD Audio Visualizer.

More to come?

More to come! We will be releasing more updated Layouts from our initial Beatstars Catalog in the next weeks.

Until then, stay safe!