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What’s New?

You probably saw that we have been rolling out our new Branding and Website over the last few weeks – it has been a process of around 12 months, numerous system revisions and starting over and over again. Instead of making announcements we have been revising our business plan, structures and marketing, with the goal to deliver better graphics and animations for you.

New Layouts?

We also focused on working on our Layout Revisions – our Layout #0006 now has a Midnight Blue color theme with updated animation, #0003 comes with a facelift, as does our Schizo Layout #0005 with a new 3D Animation. In addition we will be releasing new and updated Layouts every month now, beginning with one of our most popular Beatstars Layouts #0045 – Neon.

Specials & Deals

And some more self-promotion: You might have noticed that we brought back our popular Deal Of The Month with very limited and higher discounted bundle deals – you can  check it out right here.

What is to come?

This summer we will also be rolling out our first marketing classes for music producers, labels, artists, basically anyone who wants to up his/her online game – key aspects will be the basics of online marketing, social media & performance marketing, building a brand, client loyalty, strategy, and so much more! Having worked for +10 years in the music industry, as neutral player for independent and major labels/artists, we plan to combine our external position with our internal experiences. Sounds good? Well, it will be 100% free as well, no subscriptions and no catches. A step by step guide of tips and knowledge, from beginners to advanced artists, there’s always something to learn! In the meantime we will be serving instaClasses via our Instagram @tripict

Until then, stay home, stay safe!