Pre-Sale General

How does the whole process work?
Which payment options do you accept?
How long do you need to complete an order? (Website / Brand / Soundclick)
What information do you need from me? (Website / Brand / Soundclick)
Do you provide support throughout the process?
What is your refund policy?


Soundclick – General

Do your layouts interfere with any Soundclick functionality?
Can I manage my account & content without your help?
Do I need a Soundclick VIP account?
I don’t have a Soundclick VIP Account
Do I have to send you my Soundclick Login Information?
When do I send over my Soundclick Login Information?

Soundclick – Layout management

How do I install/reinstall my layout?
How do I update my PayPal button?
How do I edit my Lease, Exclusive, Free, etc. rights Information?
How can I change my Twitter widget account?
How do I change/add video/s?
How can I manage the content of my News sction?

Soundclick – Customization

Can you replace the celebrity artist picture with one of my pictures?
I do not want my picture on my layout, can you center my Artist Name instead?
Will you crop me out of my picture?
Will you retouch my picture?
Do I need a professionally taken Photo for a layout?
Do I need a photo taken exactly like the celebrity picture (perspective, pose, etc)?
Can you customize the layout a bit and change details?
Can you change the colors on the layouts?
Can I switch my layout to another color from time to time?
Can you change the fonts?


How does the development process work?
How does the redesign process work?
Do I get any revisions or adjustments?
Do I hold rights to the brand?
Do you resell my brand?


How to get started – Videos


Does the Facebook layout work with any content?
How and which plugin do I install for the Facebook layout?
Does the layout work with the new Fan pages?
Can I make the layout my landing page on Facebook?

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