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To preview a full Website Package you can navigate to our Layout Catalog & Preview the Website for each Layout # on the specific Layout page. You can also directly purchase the website from the Layout page or scroll down on this page and use the Quick Checkout.

What's Included?

Pick a style from our Layout Catalog and get it customized with your Artist Name and optionally own colors and typography styles. All Website packages come with a full HD Animation and a bundle of over 12 customized graphics.

We use the core of the most popular website system online: WordPress! Pros: Very flexible, highly customizable & expandable. Manage all site contents on the fly by yourself. No monthly fees or subscriptions – be independent with your own website!

We take care of everything from A to Z. Database setups, Core installations, Theme upload, Design & Design implementations, Content setups and support with any other setups. Trust our experience and profit from our always up to date knowledge base.

Our setups come with an up-to-date Plugin Bundle which we put together for you – including professional on-site SEO, Statistics & Analytics, Social Network integrations, Spam protection to secure your website and many more possibilities.

You don’t have hosting or a domain yet? No clue what to do with an FTP Account or where to set up a Database? No worries! We are here to help and answer your questions – you ask, we answer, no obligations! For existing Websites we offer ongoing free Support and Care plans!


  • 1. Quick Checkout

    Order the Full Website Package from this page with the button above – you can submit your information/notes directly after the secure PayPal Checkout

  • 2. Confirmation Email

    Receive an Order Confirmation within the next 6-12 hours – our Team will take over your project and discuss the next steps with you.

  • 3. 48-72 hours

    That’s the standard timeframe we need to create your Website Graphics, set up the Systems & implement all functionalities

  • Hosting & Domain

    This is the only requirement for your own Website – don’t have a Setup yet or not sure where to find the right Provider? No problem! We help with all setups from A to Z.

  • Optimization

    We don’t leave you alone after the Website launch and file/access delivery by our Team. Our Support is ongoing – from Screensharing explanations to content Setups. We got you!

  • Still want more?

    You can check out our care++ Plan to Max out your Site’s performance. The Plan can be ordered at any time – we will bring the performance to your digital presence.

Save 25% with our Website/Brand Bundle Deal


The implementation of your Brand/Logo into the Website Design & HD Animation is included in the Bundle Deal. Color adjustments – depending on how the Brand/Logo turns out – are free of charge as well! Bundle Deal Prices do only apply when ordered in combination with a full Website from

Add eCommerce & Member Systems to your own Website


We do not charge you for free plugins. The package price contains the installation service, design implementation/adjustments, content setup support and ongoing support with the extension packages.


An optional extension for our Website package is a full eCommerce setup based on the free WooCommerce Plugin. This will add a fully functional Client, Product, Cart and Order management system to your Website. Manage Products like Merchandise or digital goods like Drumkits and other intangible goods via the eCommerce system. Receive payments directly via PayPal (Stripe, etc.) and have the system deliver the files instantly. Manage orders, shipping processes, clients and more! We assist with the full eCommerce installation, content setups & further plugin support.

  • Safe & Fast Transactions
  • Offer ANY Product you want
  • Direct Transaction System
  • Easy Product/Stock management
  • No recurring fees

Member Systems

Your own Member System can be implemented based on the free UltimateMember Plugin. You can assign restricted Areas to certain Member/Client Groups, create for example a VIP Membership or simply give your Subscribers exclusive access to new music. This is a great tool to KEEP visitors on your website and build a strong online access point for your business – and the possibilities are endless! Your Members can set up own Profile pages and post content. We assist with the full Member Systems installation, content setups and further plugin support.

  • User Registration & Login
  • User Profiles
  • Member Directories
  • User Roles
  • Content Restriction

Our website packages come with the most popular blog and website system on the internet: WordPress! The advantages: very flexible, highly customizable and a renowened content management system that allows you to manage every single detail of your sites content. Manage your blog, information, pages, photo galleries, video sections and sell your music on a fully customized website. No monthly fees or subscriptions – be independent with your own website!

Server & Domain

Only requirement is a Host/Server setup where we can upload the system and files to. A MySQL Database will be setup for the WordPress Installation. We can recommend GoDaddy for Server + Domain services and will assist you with first time setups.


Our optimized WordPress bundle contains an Exclusive Theme setup with a number of selected plugins and content structures. This will help you to get familiar with the system and accelerate the process of taking full advantage of your website.

Our Layouts

All our layouts are fully customizable and can be edited to fit the Website setups – In case the preview for the layout # you want is not available yet you can contact us for further information.

Full CMS

CMS stands for Content Management System. Your website means YOUR content, YOUR image and YOUR ideas. That’s why we chose the WordPress CMS. You can edit ALL your sites content by yourself, on the fly or set up new pages and functions with plugins and apps.

Statistics & SEO

We optimize the build-in SEO setup from WP with a customized SEO profile individually created for you. Track your sites statistics and numbers to optimize your marketing. Check where your visitors come from and when you receive high traffic numbers.


Implement social network applications, Twitter feeds, Facebook activity streams or your YouTube Videos. Your website can and should become your MAIN focus for your business and music. The ONE address for people to find you.

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