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.PDF Contracts

Selling productions and music requires to outline clear terms. To assure that you as an artist and your work is treated right and to give your clients an orientation for the legal use of the purchased product. Uneditable (by the final recipient) and well structured .PDF Contracts & Terms can help you to organize your legal situation in terms of sales, licenses and use conditions.

Business Cards

You want to take your Brand to the real world? No problem! You know the Situation – you meet a friend, a colleague or maybe a well known artist you want to connect with and have no way to give him or her your contacts. Well designed and branded Business Cards deliver a message about you and your music. Basically, it should become an integral part of your marketing plan.

Offline Branding

Create a recognizable brand – on- and offline! We customize your Print Bundle with your designed Artist Name, email address, website address, and more. The final production files are optimized for basically any print shop (e.g. vistaprint) or self printing. In case you need the files in a specific size and format we are here to deliver it!

To give you a better idea we put together a Demo Package of a Print Bundle: HQ Files and Help Documentations. Feel free to download the .zip package and check everything out in detail.

Download Demo
#0001 Business Cards and PDF Terms

PDF. Contracts

• Edit it yourself – any time
• Functional & Secure
• Unlimited number of pages

Correct Sizes

• Print ready
• 300 dpi & CMYK Colors
• Optimized dimensions

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