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faq | frequently asked questions

Have a question? Check out our FAQ!

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept PayPal, all Credit Cards via PayPal, SEPA Bank Transfers* (Europe)

* Only accepted for amounts higher than 300 EUR

How long does it take for my project to be completed?

The stated turnaround for Website, Beatstars, Social and Print Bundles is an approximate value. 24-48hrs discrepancy might occur (depending on weekend times, changes, artist picture quality, etc) – the total turnaround for transactions can be 24hrs – 120hrs. We are located in Europe/Germany, CET applies.

For Full Brand development, Brand Redesign and other custom work please contact us directly as those processes involve discussions, multiple rounds of designing which require an individual timeframe calculation.

Do you provide Support throughout the Project?

Yes we do. Although a purchase does not include maintaining of the purchased product. After all files/design files have been delivered the transaction is technically completed. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.

What is your refund policy?

Generally we do not grant refunds. For accidental purchases or short notice refunds please contact us – we will provide a full refund of your money when the project has not been arranged, started or completed by the time you inform us and/or requests the refund.

How does the development process work?

As a quick tour: Our Design Team will be in contact with you ASAP – the first step is to discuss your concept and ideas, to come up with a general idea for your corporate identity. Feel free to submit existing material, color examples and/or any other references that will help to build the perfect brand for you. After 4-6 days you will receive the first line of previews (usually black/white concepts from the development process and sketching). From here we take it step by step – drafts, discussion, adjustments. Once the brand is finalized and approve you receive the high quality brand files in different versions and formats.

How does the Redesign process work?

Our Brand Redesign contains a full high quality redesign of an existing concept/logo/brand. 1:1 redesign with smaller changes and adjustments. Includes Black/White, Colored and/or textured versions. Wordmark and Vector versions on request. You can submit sketches or existing digital logos you want to have redone. After 4-6 days you will receive the first line of previews (usually black/white concepts). From here we take it step by step – drafts, discussion, adjustments. Once the brand is finalized you will receive the high quality brand files in different versions and formats.

Are there limits on Revisions and Adjustments?

Generally, no. Unless you decide to switch up the foundation and actual concept, the process includes an unlimited number of adjustments and changes. For bigger changes, additions and concept revisions once a first design has been approved we reserve the right to charge an extra editing fee to cover the additional work.

Do I own the rights for the Brand you create for me?

Yes, 100%. With the file delivery we transfer all rights to You / Your Company – we do not reuse or redesign your brand for any other project. We guarantee originality and highest quality. Actual copyright and trademark registrations are country/state specific and not part of the transaction.

Do you resell or recycle my Brand?

No. Your Brand is unique and will not be reused, redesigned or resold in any way.

How does the process work?

Our Express checkout takes you through the process in 5 steps.

1. Choose a layout & preview the website/layout you want to purchase
2. Use the Add to Cart button you can find on each layout page
3. Place your order, fill in your information & optionally submit materials
4. Receive your Client # and all information via email within 12 hours
5. Get your Website system and design installed by us within 72 hours

Can I edit and manage the Website by myself?

Yes – the Website system is based on the open source ‘WordPress’ content management system. You can manage all Settings, Pages, Posts and Plugins by yourself with no coding knowledge.

What Information do you need from me?

After the checkout you will be redirected to our checkout form where you can submit your information including Artist Name, Material, Sales information, PayPal form codes, etc. In case you have special instructions for our team you can always send us a separate email with your details.

For the actual setups we require your Domain/Hosting information – that means we either need your Hosting Account login (e.g. via Godaddy Pro Delegation), cPanel information, or FTP & Database information. In case you don’t know what Domain/Hosting is please read the next question of this FAQ tab.

Why do I need a Domain & Hosting?

Web Hosting and Domain Registration are two elements of running your own website. Hosting is an account on a computer/server that can store and serve website files via the Internet. Domain Registration is leasing an address that directs people to specific website files via a browser. As an analogy, a domain is an “address” on the Internet. Hosting is the “land” or space where your website files live.

Feel free to contact us and we will assist you with finding the right Provider & Plan.

Are there any recurring fees I have to pay you?

No, our full Website Package is a one time payment and service. The only recurring fees you have to calculate are the server & domain costs with your hosting provider.

Do you offer Support throughout the Setups?

Yes we do. Although a purchase does not include maintaining of the purchased product. After all files/design files have been delivered the transaction is complete. For questions and hints our Support Team is always here to help. In case you’d like to hire us to set up your website entirely with a more customized design and content setup please contact us.

I just got my Website Package set up from you, what's next?

Thanks for your trust and congratulations on your new Website! Please visit our Knowledge base on what’s next.

Do I need a Beatstars Pro Page for your Layouts?

Yes, as of now Beatstars does only allow the customization of their Pro Page 2.0 which requires a paid subscription with them.

How long does it take for my Layout to be done?

The regular turnaround for your Beatstars Layout is 48-72 hours; including Design and Installation.

Can you change the colors/typography on my layout?

Absolutely – please contact us with your notes and requests before ordering your Layout. For more complex color changes or typography updates we might have to calculate an editing fee.

Can you implement my Logo into the Layout?

Absolutely – please contact us with your Logo materials before ordering your Layout. We require the Logo in a traced and transparent vector format (.ai/.eps). Layered .PSD or transparent .PNG do also work for some layouts, an additional editing fee can be calculated. In case you don’t have the Logo in those specific formats we can also offer a Brand Redesign which would include the design and development of this industry standard format.

Do you require me Beatstars Login information?

You do not have to – but it is recommended. It takes us around 10 minutes to set everything up within your Beatstars Pro Page 2.0. We upload the graphics/animation and set up the matching RGB/Hex color codes.  Self installation is only recommended for Users with Pro Page 2.0 Customization knowledge. To ensure the highest grade of security we keep you updated on every step we make – as official Beatstars Affiliate and Designers we do not store any login information and guarantee discretion.

When do I send you my Beatstars Login information?

Please send over your Login information for Beatstars via email only. Do not post or submit it via any forms, comment or other functionality on our site.

Do you also need my other Accounts Login information?

If not further specified we do not need any other account login information. Facebook, Twitter and Youtube layouts come with a detailed instruction for setup. We will never ask your PayPal login information – do not give out your PayPal login information at any time.

Can you send over my graphics after the Installation?

Yes, once the layout is up and running on your Beatstars Pro Page 2.o we will generate a ‘Turnup Confirmation’ Email and a download Link for your graphics. You are free to use the graphics for your own purpose.

Which Platforms are included in the Bundle?

The Social Media Bundle includes optimized graphics and animations for Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and Facebook.

Do you need my Logins for the installation?

No. We deliver the Social Media Bundle graphics and animations along with simple step by step instructions. We will never ask you for your Social Media Login information.

Can I edit the Terms & Contracts by myself?

Yes! You can edit the files by yourself and generate an unlimited number of .PDF Documents.

Which Application do I need to edit the Docs?

You can edit the Terms / Contract files with the open source Application OpenOffice or the commonly used Microsoft Word.

What can I do with the Business Card print files?

The next step is to submit them to a print company or a local print shop near you. In case you need the Business Card print files in a specific format or size please contact our Team and we will provide the correct files.

Can I use the HD Animation in my own Videos?

Yes, feel free to use the HD Animation in any of your Video Materials, e.g. as Intro/Outro or Loop and on any platform.

Which Application do I need to work with your Templates?

You need Adobe After Effects CC 2017 or later to edit your own HD Loops and Audio Visualizer Videos.

Do I need to be an expert with After Effects?

No, however some basic knowledge of the Application is always helpful. We make sure you are able to actually work with the template by 1. providing a detailed documentation 2. give you access to the video help database and 3. assist with further questions via our Support channels.

Can I create unlimited Videos?

Yes! There are no limits, you can create and render out as many Videos as you like.

Do I need any additional Plugins?

Generally no – some Templates do have an Element3D Plugin option but this can be deactivated as well. To check which templates use the 3rd Party Plugin you can check the specific Layout preview page.

I don't have Adobe After Effects, what now?

No problem, we also offer an editing Service – you can submit your MP3 or WAV materials with information and we will render out the HD Video materials for you. For quotes please contact us, bundle deals for multiple Videos are possible as well.

How much is a custom Brand Animation?

Please contact our Team for an individual calculation of your Brand/Logo Animation project. Factors can be Animation duration, complexity & effects, HD or 4K resolution.

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