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Beatstars Layouts

Beatstars is the most popular and fastest growing Beat selling platform on the web. With our optimized Beatstars Layouts and Designs for their Pro Page 2.0 you get everything you need to look and operate professionally. As official Beatstars Affiliate Designers we have designed, delivered and installed over 1000 customized Beatstars Layouts to this day!

Beatstars Bundle

So what do you get with our Beatstars Bundle? Basically… everything! We take care of the correct Formats and Sizes, mobile compatible graphics, fitting color HEX codes and optimized HD Animations. On top of that we also provide a free Installation service – as trusted and official Beatstars Affiliates & Ambassadors we guarantee discretion and professional Support. You want more? You also receive the graphic files separately so you are free to use them on any other project of yours!

To give you a better idea we put together a Demo Package of one of our Beatstars Layouts: HQ/HD Files and Help Documentations. Feel free to download the .zip package and check everything out in detail.

Download Demo
#0001 Beatstars Layout

Header HD Animation

Header HQ Graphic

Mobile Header Graphic

Header & Footer Logos

2x Background Graphics

2x Profile Graphics

Color Codes & Documentation

Installation & Support

Having questions? Check out the Frequently Asked Questions or Contact Us!

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