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a universal look

Social Bundle


What’s included?

• 3 Customized Instagram Feed Graphics
• 1 Customized Instagram Feed Animation
• 1 Customized Instagram Story Animation


What’s included?

• 1 Customized Channel Graphic (all screens)
• 2 Customized Profile Graphics


What’s included?

• 1 Customized Timeline Animation
• 1 Customized Timeline Graphic
• 2 Customized Profile Graphics


What’s included?

• 1 Customized Header Graphic
• 2 Customized Profile Graphics

Everything On Point

Don’t worry about the correct format or sizes, we already took care of everything with the Social Bundle. We make sure the graphics are up to date with the latest platform requirements and fully optimized for best display on all devices. In addition you receive detailed step by step instructions on how to set up the graphics in your profiles. And in case you should run into a problem you can always contact us for support!

To give you a better idea we put together a Demo Package of a Social Bundle: HQ Files and Help Documentations. Feel free to download the .zip package and check everything out in detail.

Download Demo

Correct Formats

Optimized JPG and MP4 file formats for successful upload and placement on your social media platforms. 

Correct Sizes

With an up to date access to current display sizes we make sure your graphics and animations are 100% on point (or pixel).