We do not have to tell you that Facebook is everywhere, Facebook is powerful, Facebook is part of our culture and lives. Facebook Layouts have the potential to be of huge relevance for your music, your marketing and your business. A site for you and your clients to connect on a direct and personal basis. And now you can give your artist page your own look – or match it with your Website, Soundclick, Twitter, etc. Sell your music via Facebook, integrate your social network functionalities, create a Fan-Gate and offer your visitors a convenient visit that will result in them ‘liking’ your page.


Our Facebook layouts are all Timeline optimized and contain a full HTML/CSS setup with your content. Only requirement to have your Facebook page customized is to install a commonly known (and used by over 30 mio people) HTML application. After 3 clicks the app is installed, the page linked and you can start enjoying your customized Facebook page.

On top of that we also include a customized and optimized Timeline banner and thumb icons. In case you just want to purchase a Facebook layout without Soundclick package you can click the button below.

easy setup

1. Receive your Layout files as download link

2. Login to your Facebook Account

3. Follow the setup instructions in the help files

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